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      Choosing the right real estate agency to help you acquire a property on Nantucket is a decision you need to get right the first time ... especially in such a highly seasonal and uniquely valuable real estate market.

      A property which is on the market and which remains unsold for an extended period of time can create a great deal of stress and uncertainty, and can have a huge opportunity cost relative to other investments and lifestyle changes. Steep price cuts, which often become a marketing tool of last resort, can involve literally millions of dollars on Nantucket -- and can further depress the final sale price of your property by encouraging savvy buyers to negotiate all the more aggressively.

      Unlike a traditional real estate agency, Hunter Reed specializes exclusively in the sale of multi-million dollar homes and estates.

      With a unique focus on representing Sellers, our network of clients and contacts includes a diverse cadre of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals -- company founders, high-level executives, fund managers, pro athletes, celebrities, and many others. 

      We are known for developing innovative, discreet, well-funded marketing programs that work.  

      Essentially, we believe that successfully marketing multi-million dollar homes on Nantucket is a complex specialty with two primary goals : one, to protect the value of the properties we represent in accomplishing a timely sale for our clients ; and two, to handle the sale of these properties in a manner which is effective, discreet, attentive to detail, and -- of equal importance -- which creates a good experience for both seller and buyer. 
      If you're considering a Property on Nantucket with a minimum value of $1.5 million, we can help. We offer a full range of real estate marketing, brokerage and advisory services -- which can be bundled and customized to meet your particular needs.
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