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      Nantucket Today



      Today, Nantucket is one of the most beautiful and most highly sought-after destinations in the world. Every summer, Nantucket attracts residents and travellers alike from all over the US and overseas, many of whom choose to return to the Island year after year, often for longer and longer stays.

      Nantucket is often referred to simply as "ACK"; this nickname is derived from the call letters for the Nantucket Memorial Airport -- which, by the way, is the second busiest airport in the entire state of Massachusetts.

      Nantucket enjoys an enduring multi-generational appeal … the summer population here is wonderfully diverse, accomplished, friendly, and low-key, and includes high profile business leaders, celebrities, families and extended families, professional athletes, students, politicians, artists, philanthropists, summer workers, entrepreneurs … travellers, tradesmen and shop owners, and lots of kids who love the summer -- from infants and toddlers to college kids – the list goes on and on.

      Regardless of background or circumstance, individuals who choose to live here year round, or who choose to return to Nantucket year after year, are drawn to its genteel lifestyle, its extraordinarily diverse and beautiful landscape, its rich history and architectural legacy, its peaceful open spaces … and, of course, to its world-class beaches, restaurants, galleries, shops and annual events.

      There are a multitude of different groups, places, people, organizations and events that make Nantucket such a special and sought-after place ... for more information, here are weblinks to some of our favorite community-oriented boards and organizations :

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